Company History

Food and beverage companies rely on food texture and stability solutions from TIC Gums to improve the quality, consistency, and sensory experiences of their products. Legendary customer service, high quality standards, and the unrivaled knowledge of our Gum Gurus® have made TIC Gums the industry leader for more than 100 years.

  • Founded as the Tragacanth Importing Company
  • Markets water soluble gums and resins
  • Transfers operations to new management
  • Focuses exclusively on water soluble gums, emphasizing food and
    pharmaceutical uses
  • Pre-tests shipments for quality approval, launching the “TIC Pretested” marking
  • Adds bacteriological testing as standard QC component
  • Expands beyond tree exudates to include locust bean gum and guar gum
  • Expands product line to include agar, alginate and carrageenan
  • Develops Ticaloid® and Saladizer® product lines in place of costlier tragacanth
  • Installs a world-class spray dryer for superior quality gum Arabic products
  • Introduces Pre-Hydrated® gums
  • Introduces TICorganic® certified organic gums
  • Launches patented Ticamulsion line of next-generation emulsifiers
  • Installs new dairy pilot plant offering UHT/HST capabilities
  • Develops alternative for PGA called Saladizer® Max
  • Develops FASTir® system for rapid dispersion
  • Develops TicaPAN® coating system, a binder for sugar and sugar alcohol syrups
  • Develops taste-free, odorless and low-pigment GuarNT® Flavor Free 4000
  • Opens state-of-the-art Texture Innovation Center® in White Marsh, Maryland
  • Launches its Texture Revolution® education initiative at IFT Food Expo 2011
  • Expands the TicaPAN® product line to include TicaPAN Quick Crunch, a binder that is a functional improvement over gum arabic in panned confections.
  • Attains SQF Level III Certification
  • Opens its Brass Mill Operations Center in Belcamp, MD, the company's third Maryland location
  • Opens manufacturing facility in China to serve the Asia Pacific market read more