The crunch from the first bite of gum or candy is satisfying yet difficult to describe. For that reason, TIC Gums created "Crunch Prints," a sound library of MP3 recordings and a visual representation of the decibel level of each.

Crunch Prints make it easy to compare the chewing experience of candy coated gum panned with traditional gum arabic, TicaPAN 311, and TicaPAN Quick Crunch, and to show how these two alternatives to gum arabic deliver more crunch to the candy and confection industry.


The audio prints below demonstrate the levels of crunch that are possible to achieve using two different alternatives to gum arabic.

Gum panned with Gum Arabic Chewing Gum Arabic
Gum panned with TicaPAN 311 Chewing Gum TicaPAN 311
Gum panned with TicaPAN Quick Crunch Chewing Gum TicaPAN Quick Crunch

Click here for our complete library of Crunch Prints.