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Creating tortillas that are appealing to consumers yet can withstand the stresses of manufacturing and shipping is a difficult task. Over the years, the Gum Gurus at TIC Gums have helped countless companies deliver quality tortillas to their customers.

Texture Revolution™ for Tortillas and Related Foods

Using the Texture Revolution process for describing food texture, we have identified the most desirable textures for flour and corn tortillas and their frequent accompaniments, salsa and sour cream.



Munchin’ on Mushrooms
TIC Gums visits To-Jo Mushroom Farm As part of the RCA’s (Research Chefs Association) latest outing, members of TIC Gums’ R&D team went on a field trip to the To-Jo mushroom farm in Avondale, PA, for the “S’rooms and You-Growing, Eating and Enj...