crunch_printThe crunchiness of certain foods, like candy, potato chips, or vegetables, is an important part of the enjoyment of eating yet describing the characteristics of the crunch can be difficult. For that reason, TIC Gums created "Crunch Prints," a sound library of MP3 recordings of the chewing experience of foods and a visual representation of the decibel level of each.

The audio prints below demonstrate the levels of crunch that are possible when enjoying various foods..

Compare the crunch prints of panned chewing gum

Animal cracker Animal_Cracker
Apple Apple
Baked potato chip Baked_Potato_Chip
Baked whole grain wheat cracker Baked_Whole_Grain_Wheat_Cracker
Broccoli Broccoli
Candy coated breath mints Candy_Coated_Chocolate_Pretzel
Candy coated chocolate pretzel Candy_Coated_Chocolate_Pretzel
Candy coated fruit candy Candy_Coated_Fruit_Candy
Candy coated milk chocolate Candy_Coated_Milk_Chocolate
Carrot Carrot
Celery Celery
Corn chip Corn_Chip
Cracker Cracker
Handcooked potato chip Handcooked_Potato_Chip
Hard panned fruit candy Hard_Panned_Fruit_Candy
Honey roasted peanuts Honey_Roasted_Peanuts
Malted milk balls Malted_Milk_Balls
Panned chewing gum Panned_Chewing_Gum
Popcorn Popcorn
Pretzel Pretzel
Regular potato chip Regular_Potato_Chip
Saltine Saltine_Cracker
Small hard panned tangy candy Small_Hard_Panned_Tangy_Candy
Toasted chip Toasted_Chip
Toasted wheat cracker Toasted_Wheat_Cracker