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WHITE MARSH, Md., (February 15, 2016) – TIC Gums now provides advanced clean label texture and stabilization options for food and beverage manufacturers looking to meet specific labeling requirements.

These clean label hydrocolloids meet multiple requirements such as all-natural, organic compliant and non-GMO. Derived from natural sources, these gums address the demand for more transparency in where the ingredients originate and how they are produced.

TIC Gums has also developed innovative, high performance blends as an expansion of its single ingredient stabilizers. For manufacturers seeking to formulate applications which adhere to clean label restrictions, these blends target texture, improve stability and provide cost-in-use savings.


gellan gum almond milk stabilizerWHITE MARSH, Md., (February 3, 2016) – TIC Gums has added gellan gum to their broad portfolio of hydrocolloids available for the food and beverage industry.

In response to the latest clean label market trends, TIC Gums’ Gum Gurus® have developed innovative blends using the newest gellan technologies. Some of the most recent products developed for ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage applications target texture, improve stability and provide cost-in-use savings while adhering to label restrictions.


beverage emulsion stabilizerWHITE MARSH, Md., (December 22, 2015) – TIC Gums has released the latest generation of TICAmulsion® technology for high oil load emulsions, TICAmulsion 3020, developed to increase product stability, production efficiencies and total cost-in-use savings.

The newly introduced TICAmulsion 3020 uses patented technology to improve upon the emulsifying capabilities of traditionally processed gum acacia. For use in flavor emulsions and beverage concentrates with higher oil load levels, this OS-modified gum acacia provides a robust stabilizer less affected by processing and ingredient variances. In addition to a higher emulsification capacity, TICAmulsion 3020 provides cost-in-use savings by lowering manufacturing, shipping and warehousing costs per pound.


WHITE MARSH, Md., (September 25, 2015) – TIC Gums now has a complete line of stabilizer systems for clean-label applications. Available for a range of applications, these new stabilizer systems are formulated to provide texture, stability and enhanced mouthfeel while adhering to label restrictions.

Clean Label: The Trend is Now Mainstream

The clean label trend continues to penetrate all categories within the food and beverage industry. Although clean label does not have a specific definition, end consumers are showing increased interest in the sources and purposes of the ingredients on their food labels At the same time, they are seeking foods that they perceive to be more healthful with boosted levels of ingredients like protein, vitamins and minerals. For formulators, delivering a shelf stable, fortified product that maintains the desired textural attributes becomes even more complex.

Resources from TIC Gums

In addition to a complete portfolio of clean label stabilizer options for a full range of applications and the experienced knowledge of our Gum Gurus®, TIC Gums also has compiled and released a clean label chart of some industry standards concerning clean label acceptability and where individual hydrocolloids fall. These findings were presented by TIC Gums' senior food scientist, Dan Grazaitis, during the 2015 IFT symposium entitled: Formulating for Clean Label Products: Regulatory, Market Drivers and Ingredient Selection Options for the Product Developer. Download the chart

Clean Label Formulations

Rather than seeing the ambiguity around clean labeling and ingredient transparency as a problem in need of a solution, TIC Gums embraces it as a catalyst driving some of the newest product developments. As customers request stabilizers to meet specific labeling requirements, we work with them to design texture and stability solutions that meet both key functionality needs as well as their labeling requirements.

High-Protein Beverages

Ticaloid® Pro 571 SET is new technology for those seeking to remove carrageenan from their label to meet consumer demands. This innovative blend targets stabilization in high-protein beverages without increasing viscosity and the usage level allows for cost-in-use savings. For developers seeking a non-GMO or organic compliant option for their formulation, Ticaloid Pro 148 OG suspends high-protein systems, enhances mouth coating and creates a more indulgent beverage. Download formulations for a cinnamon oat beverage using either of these systems

Gelatin-Free Gummies

Texture is the key attribute of gummy candy as it has high cohesiveness and springiness values that manifest as extremely elastic and almost rubbery when chewed. Traditionally, these texture characteristics are created using gelatin, however, some consumers are prohibited from consuming gelatin due to dietary restrictions or personal preferences. The newly released Ticagel® GC line mimics the textural attributes associated with gelatin which makes it suitable for formulating gummy candies or nutritional delivery systems like gummy vitamins without gelatin. Visit us at booth #3558 at this year's Supply Side West in Las Vegas to sample gummy bears formulated with Ticagel GC-581 B and Ticagel GC-564 S and learn more about these innovative new systems. Download the white paper

Let us help you meet your clean label needs

Our Gum Gurus are always available to talk with you about your specific projects including any special label requirements. Chat with them at or call our technical service hotline at (800) 899-3953.

Neutral and acidified protein beverage formulations will be spotlighted

Download RTD Beverage Guide

WHITE MARSH, Md., (July 6, 2015) – TIC Gums will debut new stabilization solutions for use in ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages with specialized focus on low pH and high-protein, neutral applications at booth #1926 during the 2015 Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting & Food Expo in Chicago, July 11-14. Visit our virtual booth

Health and wellness trends continue to penetrate the RTD beverage category as consumer demand drives growth for nutritionally fortified products. To capitalize on this trend, product developers are challenged to create products with increased protein and maximized nutritional value while still delivering a stable beverage with desirable textural attributes. Additionally, some consumers are leaning away from products that they deem as not clean-label, which contributes to another layer of formulation complexity.

High-Protein, Neutral RTD Beverages

To target stabilization in high-protein beverages, product developers can leverage the benefits of Ticaloid® Pro 571 SET which allows for cost-in-use savings while stabilizing high-protein RTD beverage formulations without increasing viscosity. A cinnamon oat beverage sample will be available during the show to demonstrate the Ticaloid Pro 571 SET technology. For those developers seeking a clean label, non-GMO or organic compliant option for their formulation, Ticaloid Pro 148 OG suspends high-protein systems, enhances mouth coating and creates a more indulgent beverage.

Acidified Beverages

Dairyblend Acidified Beverage 120 increases the uniformity of color and the rate at which an acidified dairy beverage clears the mouth while reducing the awareness of particulates. This cost-effective system will be demonstrated with samples of a raspberry yogurt beverage throughout the show. For clean label or non-GMO formulations, TIC Pretested® Apple Pectin AM 800 impacts mouth coating, enhances slipperiness and reduces the awareness of particulates. Technical papers for the all four products will be available at booth #1926 along with exclusive formulations for both of the beverage samples.

In addition to launching this robust line of protein stabilization solutions, TIC Gums' food scientists will also hold presentations to discuss current trends within the food manufacturing industry. Steven Baker, senior food scientist, will present at the symposium entitled: Ingredient and Methodology Strategies in Developing Gluten-free Bakery Formulations being held July 12, 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. and Dan Grazaitis, senior food scientist, will present at the symposium entitled: Formulating for Clean Label Products: Regulatory, Market Drivers and Ingredient Selection Options for the Product Developer being held July 13, 10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. The sessions will take place in room S501abc of the McCormick Place convention center.

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