granola_stackedThroughout 2012 and looking into 2013, food manufacturers remain engaged with the dilemma of working with guar gum in their formulations. This proven hydrocolloid offers many advantages to food product designers who need texture, viscosity and stability in a wide variety of creations. Guar gum has a lot to offer; it is naturally derived, performs well, and until recently, was an economical choice.

Demand for Guar Gum Grows

However, ongoing demand from the oil and gas industry has turned guar into something of a wild card. As overall demand for guar gum rose from 250,000 metric tons per year to 480,000 metric tons per year (350,000 metric tons for the energy industry alone) over the past 24 months, food manufacturers and developers need substitutes for what was once a relatively inexpensive and readily available hydrocolloid. It was this need that was the catalyst for new guar gum replacements and extenders from TIC Gums.

When planning for these, researchers from TIC Gums first identified what the most important, functional characteristics were that needed to be copied. By leveraging the common language of the Texture Lexicon from the Texture Revolution, these needed attributes were identified. Knowing this and agreeing on the descriptions were key to then finding gum and gum systems that mimicked and delivered, but without any guar gum present. 

Solution: Multi-Purpose Guar Replacer

Ticaloid® Guar Replacement GR 8700 is a 100% replacement for guar gum in certain applications. It is a low-viscosity solids builder and is useful in film-type applications like breath, energy, and vitamin strips and in some health beverages, such as those for people suffering from dysphagia. It can also be used for instant cereal, nutrition bars, and other types of beverages. Standard usage is 0.1-3.0% to build viscosity and/or mouth feel.

Solution: Guar Replacer for Bakery Applications

Along with Ticaloid GR 8700, TIC Gums recently introduced Ticaloid Lite Powder Guar Gum Extender for the baking industry. As bakeries are traditionally bigger users of guar gum for their operations, this is welcome news as this new product delivers the functional benefits of guar gum using a blend of gums, that require a limited amount of guar gum. Ticaloid Lite Powder is a specialized blend of hydrocolloids that is recommended particularly for cakes, breads, and similar bakery products to improve texture, mouthfeel and increase volume as well as retain moisture. It also imparts a moderate stable viscosity to liquid systems. Usage levels of Ticaloid Lite Powder are 0.15-0.30% of flour weight.

For food manufacturers and product developers using guar in bakery products where moisture management is important, the textural attributes guar gum provides can be copied by other blends of gums. These other gums are in more abundant supply and not subject to the same demand or price variations that guar gum is. Blends of gums often provide added benefits to end users that a single gum cannot. 

Applying Ingredient Knowledge

A single gum will rarely provide a total texture or stabilization solution. A combination of gums results in a synergistic compound with more desirable qualities. Moreover, because the production process itself can affect guar gum performance, a specialized blend helps to mitigate problems in advance. "TIC Gums is not simply a gum or ingredient supplier," said Greg Andon, president of TIC Gums. "We are a knowledge company with access to, and knowledge about how gum systems interact with, and positively impact the quality of food and beverages."

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