cheese-ravioliExploring Texture & Stability Solutions for Sauces & Pasta Fillings

TIC Gums will be sampling two cheese sauces at the Research Chefs Association (RCA) Annual Conference and Culinology Expo on March 9, 2013, to demonstrate the textures possible with different stabilizers. Stabilizers like Ticaloid® Saucier and Ticaloid Ultrasmooth make it easier for formulators reduce costs by replacing a certain amount of expensive ingredients like cream and milk with additional water without sacrificing texture or consumer appeal.

At the expo, visitors to the booth will sample the cheese sauces with spinach and cheese ravioli.

Texture Solutions for Cheese Sauce

Texture Solutions for Pasta Filling


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Texture & Stability Solutions for Lower Cost Sauces & Fillings Introduced at the Research Chefs' Association Annual Meeting and Expo