Girl Scout Customer Insight badgeIce cream is a universal language any age group loves and understands. Tim Andon, TIC Gums' business development manager, used this dialect to teach a group of local girl scouts about gums used in food and beverages. Ten Juniors from troop #1114 out of Ring Factory Elementary in Bel Air, Md. toured TIC Gums' White Marsh facility this past Monday, May 5th. The girls earned their 'customer insight' badge by learning about TIC Gums' approach to global operations, customer service and food science.

Karen Constanza, a TIC Gums food scientist, demonstrated the thickening effects of water treated with xanthan gum versus plain water.

Andon said, "I enjoy doing things like this for people within the community. TIC Gums is a resident of this area and we want to be good neighbors. Plus, this is a great opportunity to expose young people to food science and all the really neat things it involves--like ice cream."

Troop #1114 picked out their flavors and inclusions (such as chocolate chunks and peanuts), measured the mix and flavoring and started working. They made three flavors of ice cream but the crowd favorite was cookies and cream with peanut butter cups. This beat out the cheesecake and cake batter flavors that were also prepared.

Julie Buher, the troop leader, heard about TIC Gums from the televised interview about Ice Cream University on WBAL. Ice Cream University is a six week course offered on Saturdays and is based on Cornell University's Food Science 101. The program is open to high school juniors with interests in science, culinary arts or marketing. For more information on how to apply to Ice Cream University 2015 be sure to check out TIC Gums' website at early this December.

Girl Scouts learn about food science