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Sandra Fontanez and Adriana Zarnowski

Innovation Drives Business. Relationships Sustain it.

The foundation of TIC Gums' success is our commitment to our customers. We strive to ensure every single customer question, challenge and request is heard and addressed as quickly as possible. With both domestic and international clients, our customer service team's dedication sets the stage for TIC Gums' continued global expansion. We sat down with Sandra Fontanez and Adriana Zarnoski for a closer look at this pivotal group of individuals.

In Your Own Words, What Do You Do?

Sandra: "We are basically the caregivers for each order. We process the orders, enter them into oursystem, make sure they are packaged to specification and delivered on time."

Adriana: "One of our main jobs is to ensure the product will arrive to the countryfrom which it is ordered.There are U.S. laws, international laws and different requirements for each country that need to be followedin order for our productsto pass through customs."

What Do You Like About Being an International Customer Service Representative?

Sandra: "I love dealing with so many different people from so many different parts of the world."

Adriana: "I thrive on the challenges that come from working in a global marketplace. There is a thrill I get from meeting very aggressive deadlines. For example, if there is a customer in Spain that needs our products shipped out the next day, I use that adrenalin rush to make things happen."

Outside of Work, How Do You Like to Spend Your Time?

Sandra: "It's an ongoing joke here in the office, but I love Zumba! I keep trying to get some of my coworkers to try it."

Adriana: "I love to go antiquing in Pennsylvania. My favorite item I discovered was a gold trimmed, blue and white bowl and pitcher set from the 20th century. It's beautiful and I never get tired of seeing it on my coffee table."