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The regulatory department at TIC Gums vigilantly tracks the ever-changing industry legislation for all regions in which TIC Gums sells and distributes product. They stay informed of legal and scientific restraints and requirements, while collecting and filing the scientific data their research and development colleagues are generating. 

Blair Brown and Veronica Burnham provide strategic and technical recommendations to the highest levels within TIC Gums, from the beginning of product development through the final sale.

We sat down with Blair and Veronica for a closer look into their regulatory roles at TIC Gums.

Blair Brown



Veronica Burnham

What are some of the things you do day to day?

"I frequently work with international sales and strategic accounts to acquire international product approval. This ensures that our products can legally be used in the countries in which we are selling them and for the intended applications. Recently, I worked on acquiring European approval for TICAmulsion® A-2010."


"I oversee the organic program as well as religious certification programs, like kosher and halal. I also acquire the appropriate documentation our customers may need, such as allergen, organic, non-GMO or kosher statements for certification."

What are some of the biggest challenges you face?

"The term 'natural.' Since there is no definition, 'natural' carries various meanings and can get confusing. Our job is to work with our customers and adhere to their definitions and guidelines in order to help them achieve desired certifications."


"My biggest challenge lies in determining the regulatory guidelines of less developed countries. Many countries have their guidelines clearly defined and accessible, but there are still a lot of regions that may not have the funding or government workforce to update and publish these regulations."

What do you like to do outside of work?

"I'm a proud new mom of an adorable 15 month-old little girl. I am also working on my Master of Food Safety degree from Michigan State University and will be graduating in May 2015."


"I am a bit of a fitness fanatic. I keep it interesting by doing various workouts like Zumba, body sculpting and cycling. But my TRUE passion is home decorating."