The newest video in our Application Solutions series looks at using apple pectin to replace citrus pectin in your jams, jellies, and confections. Learn more about our line of pectin products

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>>LOTZ: When formulating products such as jams, jellies or gelled candies, a commonly used ingredient is Citrus Pectin. Citrus Pectin provides unique texture and stability benefits, but has recently experienced a major shortage due to several unforeseen environmental factors. Apple pectin is an alternative to citrus pectin but, unfortunately, has historically affected the color of the finished product. TIC Gums has developed a line of Apple Pectin products that are readily available, and do not cause product color issues. TIC Pretested® Apple Pectin includes a lineup of several Non-GMO and Organic compliant options that are less expensive than citrus pectin, are readily available and have minimal effects on color. For more information on these products or any of our other hydrocolloid solutions, please call us or chat with us online at TIC Gums dot com.

Video: Apple Pectin in Jams & Jellies