A new twist to the "got milk?" campaign

This year MilkPEP, the group that brings us the "got milk?" campaign, enlisted the PEANUTS Gang to promote chocolate milk as the official drink of Halloween. With ads in parenting magazines and a full page ad in today's USA Today,  the campaign encouraged indulging in chocolate milk in place of other sweets and described milk as both "delicious and nutritious."

Chocolate milk stabilizer makes indulgent dairy beverage
Making a Better RTD Chocolate Milk

A new stabilizer blend from TIC Gums can help you make a chocolate milk that may be just as craveable as all that higher calorie Halloween candy. Dairyblend MB-C2 suspends cocoa and other solids while also adding viscosity and better “mouth coating” for regular and low fat products. The addition of the Dairyblend MB-C2 gum system to the beverage creates a drink that remains in the consumers’ mouth, painting it with chocolate flavor that results in a more satisfying experience. Thicker chocolate milk that remains on the palate is possible using Dairyblend MB-C and without any change to manufacturing processes.

Dairyblend MB-C2 is an improvement on other stabilizers

Chocolate milk is commonly stabilized with carrageenan alone. While this approach works, the flavor of the beverage clears from the palate very quickly. Adding Dairyblend MB-C2 creates a thicker drink that also has better mouth coating properties. With this effect, the chocolate flavor lingers longer, resulting in a more satisfying drink.

We've created a decadent chocolate milk formulation that showcases the textural attributes Dairyblend MB-C2 can bring to dairy beverages. Download it here