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'...In addition to dairy-alternative beverages and protein-based drinks, John Crump and Michael Flemmens of TIC Gums, White Marsh, Md., say the growth of RTD coffee and tea beverages has impacted the hydrocolloid market. “...New tea product introductions in 2012 included the addition of many new flavors and functional ingredients,” they say. “The role of hydrocolloids in RTD tea is to enhance the texture and stability [of the beverage]. As more beverages and beverage-makers emerge, pressure to differentiate their offerings for other similar products will grow.”...'


From Baltimore Sun:


Harford students get taste of ice cream science

'..."Food science in general is something that isn't too well known by the general public, but it's something that has a huge impact on the food that we eat every day," Tim Andon, business development manager at TIC Gums Inc., said...

"We felt, what better way to get community involvement and get the students excited, and then have their actual ice cream be produced and be on sale to their parents and friends and other community folks," Andon said.

Broom's Bloom and Cornell University were major sponsors of the program, along with David Michael and Company, a Philadelphia-based flavor manufacturer, Star Kay White of Congers, N.Y., which makes ice cream ingredients, and Harford County Public Schools...'

From Food Navigator USA:

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TIC Gums tackles texture in reduced sugar foods and beverages

"TIC Gums has released a range of new ingredients to tackle common product development problems in formulating reduced sugar and sugar-free foods and beverages."


From Asia Food Journal:

Asia Food Journal

TIC Gums Offers Alternative to Sugar or Honey for Binding Granola Bars

TIC Gums showcased a hydrocolloid system that reduces or even eliminates the need for sugar, honey or high fructose corn syrup for binding, hold and shape in products like granola bars at the Food Ingredients China (FIC) 2013 expo last week in Shanghai.

From Food Business News, 4/23/13:

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Keeping it Creamy--Gums, hydrocolloids may provide solutions when formulating reduced-fat ice cream, yogurt

“Although creaminess is a commonly used term to describe food products, especially dairy products, at TIC Gums we break down this integrated term into several textural attributes,” said Donna Klockeman, Ph.D., dairy food scientist at TIC Gums, White Marsh, Md.

Examples of the attributes are cohesiveness, mouth coating, mouth clearing, degree of dissolving and oral viscosity, she said.

“The total solids, protein, sweetener and fat components of foods influence the formation of a thin film inside the mouth when you eat them,” Dr. Klockeman said. “They work in combination to affect the viscosity of the liquid, how it dissolves in saliva and remains after swallowing."

From (Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association of the United States), 4/2/13:


Texture Tools: A Key to Flavoring

'...[TIC Gums' president Greg] Andon states, “If you know both your flavor and your texture goal up front, then we can work from the very beginning on designing a finished product that manages your expectations.” Now, many companies are setting texture goals at the start of new product development, and thus creating flavors in which they know customers already approve...'