TICAmulsion® modified gum acacia opens up new opportunities for flavor and beverage manufacturers to develop innovative new products and reduce costs. This patented emulsifier is unique because it is a stronger emulsifier than modified food starch or gum arabic and it emulsifies without building significant viscosity. These properties result in increased stability for typically unstable emulsions such as high dye, high oil and difficult oils.

It is OSAN modified like modified starch but, unlike starch, uses a substrate which is already an emulsifier in its native form.

Ticamulsion A-2010 is an approved additive for creating flavor-oil emulsions in the European market (E423).

Ticamulsion A-2010 is suitable for emulsions with oil loads as high as 20% and Ticamulsion 3020 is designed for emulsions with oil loads over 20%.


  • Emulsifies without building significant viscosity
  • Increased stability for typically unstable emulsions
    • High dye
    • High oil
    • Difficult oils

Download our white paper titled Advanced Technology for High Oil Load Emulsions to learn how beverage manufacturers can benefit from TICAmulsion® A-2010 and Ticamulsion 3020.

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