The Gum Guru is more than a logo or a mascot. He embodies the spirit of the relationships we've built supporting our customers over our first 110 years.

We consider our whole team the Gum Gurus—from our R&D team designing new products to address specific functional needs or working with customers who are exploring new applications in our pilot plant, to our technical service and sales teams who are ready to answer your questions no matter how you reach out to us, to all our other in-house teams who provide the expertise and service on which you’ve come to rely.

That’s why we suggest you call on the Gum Gurus

We mean that—call our technical support hotline or chat with us online.

That simple phone call or chat suddenly connects you to a team that brings years of experience across applications and ingredient categories that can guide you in selecting the ingredients that meet your functional, nutritional and label claim goals.

And whether your solution requires just a single gum, a specially formulated ingredient system or ingredients from the Ingredion family of companies, you’ll have access to the ingredients that best meet your formulating needs.

Let us show you how to make formulating simple

…Make us your Gum Gurus…