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"The glaze is melting off of my doughnut."
"The ice cream is crystallizing during the freezing process."
"The pumpkin pie filling cracked after thawing."
"Our manufacturing team forgot to add xanthan and the batch of sauce is ruined."

The batch was not ruined and these are not hypothetical examples.

They are real calls from customers—and companies that became customers—once they saw how fast we responded and how our gum systems performed.

TIC Gums' advanced food texture and stabilization solutions are critical differentiators for food and beverage manufacturers. Our formulations improve appearance, stability, and emulsification properties. These breakthrough stabilizer technologies help our customers overcome difficult challenges in products with multiple needs.

For over 100 years, we have been helping our customers create product success stories. We have the most knowledgeable food scientists in the industry, available at a moment's notice, if necessary. Our team, known as the Gum Gurus®, will drop everything to help you create, improve, or try to rescue a product at risk of failure.

Innovate or Reformulate

Our scientists are at the vanguard of food science and the emerging focus on texture—the least understood, most neglected, and most promising frontier for food and beverage manufacturers.

Whether you're designing a new product or reworking a problem product, gums are amazing ingredients in the hands of scientists who understand what they can do. Our world-class team knows the properties and synergies between different gums and other ingredients at a structural level.

We know how to manipulate the functional attributes of foods to alter viscosity, stability, and texture. We know the potential of gum systems in formulating new products and making existing ones better.

When you choose TIC Gums as your partner in product development, you can expect to meet your texture and stabilization goals with speed and efficiency. That's why we proudly say, "We're your Gum Guru®."

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