Gluten-Free Product Development Made Easier

Create the desired texture for your gluten-free bakery applications with hydrocolloid blends specially designed to:

  • Achieve more volume
  • Enhance crumb structure
  • Solve textural challenges commonly found in gluten-free products

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Gluten-free bread texture volume

Available White Papers

Gluten-free bread white paper

Effect of Hydrocolloid Systems in Gluten-Free Bread

The Gum Gurus® compare the effects of xanthan gum alone vs. synergistic gum systems on the texture of gluten-free white bread. Download


Sensory Analysis of Hydrocolloids in Gluten-Free Cornbread

Read how our Gum Gurus® used the Texture Revolution® to identify the textural attributes that can be manipulated by using gums and then developed a gum system that targeted those attributes. Download