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Alternative for Agar-only Systems in Icings and Glazes

agar-substitute-icings-glazes-400-2Bakers have long relied on stabilizers like agar to create finished icings and glazes that are easily manufactured yet keep their visual appeal over time. Agar is especially helpful because it maintains a low viscosity until activated by heat in the manufacturing process and then sets as a firm gel upon cooling. The stabilizer controls water migration over time, reducing stickiness and increasing the amount of icing retained on the baked good.

While agar is the preferred icing and glaze stabilizer, its fluctuating cost and availability have caused our customers to request suitable functional replacements that are cost effective and readily available.

Functional and Cost Effective Icing and Glaze Stabilizer

At the Texture Innovation Center, the Gum Gurus® evaluated various combinations of ingredients as they developed an alternative to agar for this application. Ticaloid® DG 671 was designed to perform similarly to agar at a lower usage level and provide cost-in-use savings while providing an answer to the shifting agar market.

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