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Introduced at IFT 2015 Stabilizers for Acidified and Neutral pH RTD Protein Beverages

Formulating ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages that can withstand the demands of ultra high temperature (UHT) processing presents numerous challenges for product development teams, including:

  • Protein stabilization
  • Cocoa suspension
  • Texture modification

The Ticaloid® Pro series of stabilizers was designed to help beverage and nutraceutical formulators meet the demands of consumers seeking products containing more protein.

Ticaloid® Pro Beverage Stabilizers

Ticaloid® Pro 410 
Developed for dairy-based drinks with lower protein levels, this solution creates an indulgent consumer experience by increasing the viscosity and heaviness of the end product. more information

Ticaloid® Pro 432 
Developed for dairy-based drinks with higher protein levels or systems with increased suspension requirements, this solution provides improved stability. more information

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