Hard panned chewing gum with crunch, jelly beans in rainbow colors, malted milk balls with shine – our favorite sweets can benefit from TIC Gums’ patent-pending TicaPAN® confection coating system.

While gum arabic (also known as gum acacia) is historically the primary hydrocolloid used in panned candies and chewing gum, it is also one of the most difficult gums to source. These challenges prompted the development of the TicaPAN coating system line of stabilizers.

Benefits of TicaPAN Confection Coating System products over Gum Arabic

  • Lower cost
  • Better availability
  • Functionality the same as or even superior to gum arabic

Suggested applications

  • Binding and strengthening the sugar and sugar-alcohol shells in panned confections
  • Enrobing nuts, malt balls, chocolate candies, and other oil-containing centers


TicaPAN Coating System Products

TicaPAN ProductCharacteristics
TicaPAN 311 Drop in replacement for gum arabic in both hard and soft panning
TicaPAN Quick Crunch Improvement over gum arabic that dries faster, creates a stronger shell, and imparts a crunchier texture


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