When formulating acidified milk drinks and smoothies, product developers must balance the stabilization requirements of a dairy-based beverage with the acidic environment caused by the presence of fruit juices, concentrates, and pulp.

Without proper stabilization, the low pH of the fruit juices can cause denaturation of the dairy protein in the formulation resulting in unsightly separation or flocculation or an unpleasant grittiness when consumed.

Functions of gums & stabilizers in acidified dairy drinks

  • Reduce protein degradation
  • Improve mouthfeel
  • Add suspension
  • Avoid grittiness and awareness of particulates

Identifying your target texture

Using standardized language to identify your texture targets early in product development can speed up the process and result in a beverage that consistently delights your consumers. Our food texture terminology makes it easier to communicate the desired texture attributes of acidified dairy drinks.

 Texture Attributes of Acidified Dairy Drinks  
 Attribute Description Examples (low/hi)
Visual separation   The amount of visual liquid perceived on the top or around the sample; amount of visual liquid separation  mayonnaise vs fruit on the bottom yogurt
Mouth coating  Degree to which mouth surfaces are coated after swallowing or expectorating  water dessert gel vs creamy peanut butter
Awareness of particulates  The amount of particles (grit, grainy, seeds, skins) perceived in the mass  The amount of particles (grit, grainy, seeds, skins) perceived in the mass


Questions a Gum Guru might ask when recommending a stabilizer for this application

  • What are your label claim goals?
  • What functionality are you looking to achieve?
  • What is the protein content of your beverage?
  • What is the pH of your beverage?
  • Are you formulating a beverage with cocoa powder?
  • Do you have a heating step?
  • Do you have a homogenization step?

How to add gums to your manufacturing process

Proper dispersion and hydration are key factors in the formulation of a stable acidified milk beverage as gums will compete with other ingredients for the available water.

We recommend the following order of incorporation for most processes:

  1. Add the gums to room temperature water and mix for about 5 minutes.
  2. Slowly add pre-acidified milk base to the gum/water solution to allow even coating/protection of dairy proteins from acidification
  3. Add all other ingredients like flavors, colors, sweeteners, and acids.


  • Product
    Usage Level
  • Beverages, Acidified Dairy Drinks & Smoothies
    Aids in protein stability and suspension while building texture in smoothie concentrates and blended juice beverages
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