If you need to increase the viscosity of your flavor syrups but maintain clarity, we have several solutions for you. This functionality is especially useful in reduced sugar syrup applications because gums can replace some of the texture and stability attributes that are lost when sugar is replaced with artificial sweeteners.

Functions of gums & stabilizers in flavor syrups

  • Improve mouthfeel
  • Increase viscosity
  • Stabilize emulsion
  • Suspend particulates

Questions a Gum Guru might ask when recommending a stabilizer for this application

  • What are your label claim goals?
  • What functionality are you looking to achieve?
  • What is the pH of your syrup?
  • What is the % oil in your syrup?
  • Do you have a heating step?
  • What is your desired viscosity?

Identifying your texture targets

Using standardized language to identify your texture targets early in product development can speed up the process and result in a beverage that consistently delights your consumers. Our food texture terminology makes it easier to communicate the desired texture attributes of foods and beverages.

Texture Attributes of Flavor Syrups
Attribute Description Examples (low/hi)
Resistance to flow  The amount of force necessary to begin flow  apple juice vs mayonnaise
Viscosity  Rate of flow per unit force: the force to draw between lips from spoon, and the rate of flow across tongue  water vs sweetened condensed milk
Mouth coating  Degree to which mouth surfaces are coated after swallowing or expectorating  water dessert gel vs creamy peanut butter


  • Product
    Usage Level
  • Beverages, Flavor Syrups
    Replicates the texture attributes of sugar in clear syrups while effectively balancing cost in use
  • Beverages, Flavor Syrups
    Builds texture in clear syrups
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