When consumers reconstitute instant drinks, they have fairly high expectations. The powder mix needs to go into solution easily without forming lumps and reach full viscosity almost immediately. Once mixed into the liquid, any particulates that are present need to remain suspended until the beverage has been consumed.

From a textural perspective, consumers expect a pleasing and sometimes even decadent drinking experience. Stabilizers can contribute to that experience by making it possible for formulators to adjust texture attributes like viscosity, mouth coating, and heaviness. In the case of fortified instant beverages where particulates like vitamin mineral blends, fiber, protein and other nutritional ingredients are present, certain stabilizers can reduce the awareness of particulates. In fact, we’ve found that using a multi-hydrocolloid gum system like our Ticaloid Ultrasmooth CL has distinct textural advantages over single hydrocolloid options. Download the whitepaper

Our most popular stabilizers for instant beverages are listed below. Talk with our Gum Gurus® about your specific food texture and stability needs by clicking the chat button on this page or calling our technical support hotline at (800) 899-3953 / +1(410) 273-7300.

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