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Reformulating full sugar products for sugar reduction or elimination can pose a number of challenges. Replacing sugar with natural or artificial sweeteners not only affects sweetness perception but also affects the body, mouthfeel and viscosity of beverages.

Functions of gums and ingredient systems in reduce sugar beverages

  • Improve mouthfeel and body
  • Increase viscosity

Questions a Gum Guru may ask when recommending a solution for your reduced sugar beverage

  • What are your label claims?
  • What functionality are you looking to achieve?
  • What is the pH of your beverage?
  • Does your beverage contain dairy or non-dairy proteins?
  • Do you have a heat step?
  • Will your finished product be refrigerated or shelf stable?
  • What is your desired viscosity?


  • Product
    Usage Level
  • Beverages, Reduced Sugar
    Provides sweetness and texture to reduced sugar beverages
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