Whether you are looking to create a new coffee product or reformulating an existing product, the Gum Gurus® at TIC Gums can offer the expertise and stabilization solutions to make formulating simple. Our solutions offer a wide array of benefits, including stabilization of various protein sources and ingredients, emulsification, suspension and the ability to withstand harsh processing conditions.

From cold brew with a splash of milk and sugar to keto beverages to protein enhanced products, the Gum Gurus are standing by to provide innovative solutions that meet your formulation, process and stabilization needs.

Processing options:

  • UHT Processing: Ultra-High-Temperature (UHT) processing is a method of thermal processing in which beverages are heated to high temperatures for a short period of time.
  • Retort Processing: Retort processing for beverages is a thermal processing method in which the product is heated and sterilized within the packaging and gradually cooled within a pressurized vessel.
  • HTST Processing: High-Temperature-Short-Time (HTST) processing is a thermal processing method in which products are heated and held at lower temperatures compared to UHT but for a longer period of time.
Texture Attributes of RTD Coffee
Attribute Definitions Examples 
Viscosity Rate of flow per unit force: the force to draw between lips from spoon, and the rate of flow across tongue water vs. sweetened condensed milk
Visual Separation The amount of visual liquid perceived on the top or around the sample; amount of visual liquid separation mayonnaise vs. fruit on the bottom yogurt
Resistance to Flow The amount of force necessary to begin flow apple juice vs. mayonnaise
Mouth Coating Degree to which mouth surfaces are coated after swallowing or expectorating water dessert gel vs. creamy peanut butter

Functions of stabilizers in RTD coffee

  • Stabilize emulsions
  • Suspend coffee, cocoa or spice
  • Enhance mouthfeel and texture

Questions a Gum Guru may ask you when recommending a stabilizer

  • Are you making any label claims?
  • What functionality are you looking to achieve?
  • How are you processing the beverage? (If using retort, static or rotational retort?)
  • Is there dairy present in your coffee?
  • What is the target pH?

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  • Product
    Usage Level
  • Beverages, RTD Coffee
    Ideal for retort, provides emulsification and added texture
  • Beverages, RTD Coffee
    Provides both suspension and emulsification to coffee beverages and helps to delay age gelation associated with high concentration of dairy
  • Beverages, RTD Coffee
    Stabilizes and suspends protein and other insoluble solids
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