Boasting fewer calories and fat than dairy-based beverages, drinks made with plant-based protein sources can offer viable substitutions for consumers looking for a dairy free option with similar indulgent texture attributes.

Whether based on rice, nuts, grain or soy, developers must contend with a variety of possible issues including particulate suspension, emulsification and mouthfeel characteristics. Moreover, the clean label movement continues to drive the food and beverage industry with more manufacturers seeking to introduce label friendly products in the beverage segment.

Our ingredient systems give formulators the foundation to develop a variety of plant-based ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, ranging from almond, soy, and pea-based plant milks to high protein nutritional beverages.

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plant based rtd beverage stabilizer


Download: Prototype Sheet--Plant-based protein RTD beverage

Download: Prototype Sheet--Plant-based protein RTD Matcha Tea

Download: White Paper--Stabilizing Dairy Alternative Beverages

Below are our most popular stabilizers for RTD beverages made with plant-based protein.