The wet pet food category can be broken down into two major categories: formed canned meat and liquid sauces. Formed canned meats include loaves and patés, while liquid sauces include gravies, stews and broths. The charts below showcase the differentiation between the two categories and the formulation challenges associated with each.

The Gum Gurus at TIC Gums created a suite of products that utilize and optimize the functionalities of hydrocolloids and starches. Each product provides the texture and stability solutions needed in all wet pet food applications, while individually offering unique labeling solutions and targeting specific processing parameters

Pet Food Solutions
TIC Gums Product Special Features and Labeling Considerations Functionality and Characteristics
Ticaloid® 8090 S Forms firm set, features hydrocolloids and potato starch, ideal for canned loafs and patés 
  • Provides upfront and end viscosity
  • Produces desired firm set
  • Offers binding capabilities
  • Tolerant to high heat processing
  • Grain-Free   
Ticaloid 8060 UM Forms soft set, features hydrocolloids and potato starch, ideal for canned loafs and patés
TICorganic® Ticaloid 8030  Organic option, features a hydrocolloid and tapioca starch 

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