As consumers continue to seek out plant-based food and beverage products, formulators are keeping pace. Product developers are working hard to expand their lines of vegan products to meet these consumer needs. Whether it be a vegan cheese product or perhaps a meat alternative, the plant-based food and beverage market is seeing a lot of growth.

plant based market statistics

When formulating for a vegan label claim, developers are faced with a number of challenges:

  • Achieve recognizable texture
  • Reach protein content goals
  • Deliver flavorful products that consumers will love

The team of Gum Gurus® at TIC Gums works with our customers to help guide their formulation process, taking into consideration the various factors necessary to ensure a stable, reproducible finished product. When developers are able to understand how each component interacts and impacts the formulation as a whole, the process becomes much more effective and efficient.

Plant-based Food Applications

Questions a Gum Guru may ask you:

  • Do you have any label claims?
  • What functionality are you looking to achieve?
  • Are there any formulation considerations we need to make?
  • What is your target protein content?
  • What are your processing parameters?
  • What functionality are you looking to achieve with additional ingredients?

Can I use the same systems for my dairy based products as my dairy-alternative products?

This will vary depending on the specific application and system. Please reach out to a Gum Guru to determine if your system is the correct match for your formulation.

Which non-dairy bases can I use these stabilizers with (coconut, almond, cashew, oat, etc.)?

Our solutions for RTD beverage, frozen desserts, and yogurt applications are optimized for use in a variety of bases. They will give full functionality in all the above.



Frozen Desserts