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Food formulators often affix seeds or spices to their products as a way to increase consumer appeal yet it can be a challenge to keep those particulates on the finished product through manufacturing, distribution, and consumption by the consumer. In the latest episode of our popular video series "Does This Have Gum in It?" Gum Guru® Maureen Akins explains how Add-Here® CSA can be used to retain more particulates and reduce raw material waste

Bakery & Snack Particulates: Does This Have Gum in It?

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Download White Paper: Add-Here CSA in Pretzel Chip Trials

pretzel-chip-white-paper-400This white paper titled "Add-Here® CSA in Pretzel Chip Trials" explains how our Gum Gurus® used the patent-pending Add-Here® CSA hydrocolloid system to see significant gains in initial particulate retention and in retention after simulated processing and shipping.