Don’t take our word for it--


Here’s our employees' Top 10 Reasons to work at TIC:

  • "A dynamic, fast paced work environment with opportunity for professional development."
  • "Feeling of self-worth as you contribute to the company’s values."
  • "You are not just an employee; you are truly part of a family."
  • "Over 100 years strong and still growing!"
  • "Opportunities for giving back through various community service activities."
  • "Open lines of communication at all levels of the organization; every opinion counts."
  • "A friendly and supportive work environment, where the employees push each other to do the best they can do."
  • "A company that truly cares about its employees, and does a great job of recognizing the importance everyone plays in its success."
  • "The culture at TIC Gums values being honest and doing the right things."
  • "Growth! Always pursuing new and improved ways through continuous improvement initiatives."