Sour cream dipTIC Gums will showcase its innovative Dairyblend products, at booth #1365 during the International Dairy Show in Chicago, Ill., November 3-6, 2013.

The Dairyblend line focuses on providing texture and stability solutions for the dairy industry, including yogurt, cultured creams, and organic products. Talk with our Gum Gurus® about Dairyblend SC-ASC, specially developed to manage texture and stability across the category of acid set and cultured dairy creams.

“The power and versatility of Dairyblend SC-ASC is that it can be used for acid set or cultured sour creams and table creams, with either full fat or reduced fat levels. The emulsifying functionality of gum acacia also serves as an alternative to mono- and diglycerides,” said Donna Klockeman, Ph.D, Sr. Principal Food Scientist for TIC Gums. “This wide range of applications makes Dairyblend SC-ASC a valuable multipurpose ingredient.”

TIC Gums will also showcase Dairyblend YG DP-2, a stabilizer system that provides thickness, spreadability and syneresis control in cold processed and instant dips. Stop by booth #1365 and let our Gum Gurus® demonstrate the versatility of Dairyblend YG DP-2 in a Cucumber Yogurt Dip we have prepared for attendees and guests.

This formulation as well as sour cream formulations using Dairyblend SC-ASC is featured in the Technically Speaking Formulations for Cultured Dairy Products white paper. If you would like a copy, please visit booth #1365 at the International Dairy show or


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