TIC Gums now offers U.S.- produced GuarNT® USA for pet food and treat applications. GuarNT USA can help formulators align with ‘American-Made’ declarations, as well as other label requirements.

Guar is a highly versatile hydrocolloid that is used as a thickener and water binder. All GuarNT USA products offer the functionality of standard guar, with additional benefits associated with U.S. manufacturing:

  • Allows for easy access to an audit facility
  • Manufactured and warehoused in a USA Safe Quality Foods (SQF) level 3 facility
  • Shorter lead times for materials enabling manufacturers to house less inventory in their own facilities
  • Manufactured using a proprietary validated microbiological kill step, reducing microorganism levels and alleviating FSMA compliance concerns

TIC Gums currently has GuarNT USA 8/22, GuarNT USA Flavor Free 5000 and an agglomerated version, Pre-Hydrated® GuarNT USA 8/22 in inventory.

A flavorless and odorless option

GuarNT USA Flavor Free 5000 is made with the proprietary manufacturing process from TIC Gums that removes the beany or grassy notes found in standard guar due to its plant-based origin. Because the beany or grassy notes from guar can sometimes conflict with the intended flavors in pet food applications, a flavorless guar is useful to help developers create a more palatable finished good.

Download the white paper here.

Expert R&D support

Formulators are encouraged to engage with the Gum Gurus® to assist in formulating for pet food and treats. To speak with a Gum Guru about your specific texture and stability needs, call the TIC Gums technical service hotline at (800) 899-3953 or visit ticgums.com/chat to speak with a specialist. TIC Gums will work with you to find the right solutions for your desired applications.

guar origin infographic