Chocolate Milk Formulation Download

While much of the growth in the dairy category is attributed to yogurt, demand for flavored dairy beverages has steadily increased over the past three years*. Chocolate milk is a popular dairy beverage that can be found on most store shelves and children’s menus at restaurants. Generally thought of as a drink for children, few manufacturers have capitalized on the market potential for premium chocolate milk.

Small Formulation Changes Yield A Big Difference

With slight changes in formulation (cocoa, stabilizers, sweeteners) chocolate milks can be produced to appeal to a very different target consumer. A more decadent flavor and texture can be added to appeal to adults, for example. Traditionally, chocolate milk has always required stabilizers to suspend the cocoa particles in the beverage, with carrageenan the stabilizer of choice. Many familiar brands of chocolate milk use this gum to keep the cocoa and other solids suspended.

Tools for Describing Texture

Using the Texture Revolution® Lexicon, the Gum Gurus® have developed Dairyblend MB-C2, which slightly increases the heaviness and mouth coating of the chocolate milk. These small changes enhance the drinking experience and the delivery of sweetness and chocolate flavor without changing the suspension of cocoa and other solids. A small change to the stabilizer system allows for the creation of a decadent chocolate milk without any change to manufacturing processes.


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