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Video: Tips for Formulating Non-Dairy Yogurt

The Gum Gurus answer frequently asked questions about formulating non-dairy yogurt Hi, my name is Derek and I'm a scientist at TIC Gums. Often, I see food and beverage developers working to innovate their formulations to align with consumer demands for specific label claims. Whether it's the need for an organic label, a free-from, or even an ingredient substituti...

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How to choose gums & stabilizers for your organic foods

Originally published 8/14/15--Updated 8/12/19 Product developers are not only tasked with finding functional ingredient solutions for their formulations, but also ones that meet the label requirements of consumers. For developers looking to clean up their label, it is often contingent on organic or GMO status. "Which gums should I use in my organic product?" Custom...

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Building Back Texture in Reduced Sugar Beverages

A systems approach to formulating for sugar reduction With the spotlight on health and wellness across the food and beverage industry, sugar reduction remains a hot topic. This is one food trend that is both popular with consumers and supported by government initiatives and regulations. As regulatory actions, including additional taxes or special labeling, related to...

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TIC Times Newsletter March 2019

The TIC Times newsletter is your source for the latest news on food texture & stability. In this issue: Natural Products Expo Review Download Tech Sheet: Plant-based Cashew Yogurt Download Tech Sheet: Vegan Gummies Download Tech Sheet: Non-dairy Mango Cardamom Frozen Dessert Download Tech Sheet: Matcha Chai Instant Protein Shake Brian Bri...

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Partnering for Success in 2019

from Brian Briggs, President, TIC Gums As we settle into 2019, the pace of innovation within the food and beverage industry continues at a rate few have seen before, presenting new opportunities for growth in product development. Those new opportunities, however, can also bring challenges, leaving formulators looking for partners who can help them capitalize on thes...

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