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TIC Times Newsletter March 2019

The TIC Times newsletter is your source for the latest news on food texture & stability. In this issue: Natural Products Expo Review Download Tech Sheet: Plant-based Cashew Yogurt Download Tech Sheet: Vegan Gummies Download Tech Sheet: Non-dairy Mango Cardamom Frozen Dessert Download Tech Sheet: Matcha Chai Instant Protein Shake Brian Bri...

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Partnering for Success in 2019

from Brian Briggs, President, TIC Gums As we settle into 2019, the pace of innovation within the food and beverage industry continues at a rate few have seen before, presenting new opportunities for growth in product development. Those new opportunities, however, can also bring challenges, leaving formulators looking for partners who can help them capitalize on thes...

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What You Need to Know about Stabilizing Instant Protein Beverages

The Gum Gurus answer frequently asked questions about instant protein powders Videos in the Formulating Instant Protein Beverages series Ask a Gum Guru®: What you need to know about stabilizing instant protein beverages (this video) Video: Formulating instant protein beverages to stay on trend (runtime 2:42) Spotlight: Ticaloid Ultrasmooth in Instant Protein ...

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Is certified organic xanthan gum available?

Xanthan Gum isn't available in a certified organic grade. Consider Non-GMO Project Verified Xanthan from TIC Gums Because xanthan gum is an exopolysaccharide from the organism Xanthamonas campestris and is alcohol precipitated to make the finished powdered form – it cannot be manufactured as 100% organic. However, we offer Ticaxan® Xanthan NGMO which can be u...

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How to Disperse Gums in Water

"Do you have any tips for dispersing xanthan gum without lumping?" That's a question a salad dressing manufacturer asked when he called our technical support hotline recently and it's a common question in the food industry. Whether you call them lumps, clumps, or fish-eyes, they've caused many headaches for food manufacturers. The pesky lumps can create obvious prob...

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