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TIC Times Newsletter--February 2017

The TIC Times is your source for the latest news on food texture and stability. In this issue: New Clean Label Stabilizer Options for RTD Dairy Protein Beverages Troubleshooting Yogurt: Formulating for "Indulgent" Texture New Video: Food & Beverage Emulsions New White Papers in our Resource Center Ingredion Acquires TIC Gums   Subscribe to the TIC Tim...

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Stabilizers for RTD Protein Dairy Beverages

Consumer demand continues to spur growth in the dairy beverage category. From variations in storage methods to the addition of label claims to avoidance of certain ingredients, the options are nearly endless. In the early part of the decade, new product launches of milk-containing drinks more than doubled with introductions of shelf-stable and refrigerated varieties ...

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Video: Food & Beverage Emulsions

In this latest episode of the Basics of Food Gums video series, we look at food and beverage emulsions. Videos in the Basics of Food Gums Series Introduction (video runtime 2:27) Gum Arabic: Tree Saps & Plant Exudates (video runtime 3:07) Guar Gum: Seed Gums (video runtime 3:37) Carrageenan, Agar, & Alginate: Seaweed Extracts (video r...

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Overcoming Challenges Associated with Formulating Gelatin-free Gummy Vitamins

The clean label trend has penetrated nearly all other food categories so it’s only natural that the trend is now a driver in the nutritional supplement and vitamin category. This is especially true in the gummy vitamin category where consumers are demanding gelatin-free varieties. Finding a suitable replacement for gelatin in gummy candies and vitamins has long...

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Video: Agglomerated Gums Improve Powder Dispersion

Despite the many advances in food manufacturing, the process of dispersing powders in liquids remains a challenge. Without proper dispersion, powders like food gums form lumps which can cause production issues, including: Clogging pumps and filters, resulting in production slow downs Hydrating incompletely, possibly leading to quality variations between batches an...

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