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Every year, our Gum Gurus® answer hundreds of questions about emulsions. Whether the customer calls our technical support hotline, chats on the website, or visits us at a tradeshow, they are often asking about emulsions that push the current technology to its limit.

Oil-in-water emulsion basics

An emulsion is the system that results from the mixing of two immiscible or partially miscible liquids, called the phases of the emulsion, and one or more emulsifiers in the proper ratio that keeps one phase consistently dispersed in the other. Usually, one of the phases is aqueous—the so-called "water phase"—and the other is an oil in the wide sense.

Emulsions tend to be naturally unstable due to differences in the specific gravity of the two phases and variation in the size of the oil droplets. Formulators can increase emulsion stability by incorporating emulsifiers and weighting agents.

While gum acacia has been the gold standard in emulsifying flavors, colors, and beverages, there are certain types of formulations that are outside the capabilities of gum acacia or other commercially available stabilizers.

high oil nutritional oil emulsions


U.S. dairy beverage market 2014 2019

There was a time when the only choice a consumer might have when buying milk, if they were lucky, was the choice between white or chocolate milk.

It wasn't too long ago that we may have thought the category was getting complicated when we could choose the amount of fat in the gallon of milk we were picking up at the grocery store.

And the milk was always produced from cows.

Today, the dairy and dairy alternative beverage category is all about choice. Consumers can make purchasing decisions about their beverages based on factors like health concerns, flavor, or convenience and the beverage category reflects those changes.


With citrus pectin supply still tight, stabilizer offers options for RTD Juices & Teas

With their inventories of citrus pectin dwindling and few indications that new supplies will return to the market any time soon, food manufacturers are searching for other texturizing options. Click here to read more about the supply of citrus pectin They are quickly finding that some functionalities of pectin are easier to replace than others.

Pectin is commonly used to enhance the mouthfeel in beverages like ready-to-drink (RTD) juices and teas. Fortunately, mouthfeel enhancement is one functionality that can be replicated with other gums.

Pectin Replacement in juices and teas


Producing commercially baked cakes is far from a "piece of cake"


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