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Video Series: Basics of Food Gums

Whether part of trends like clean label, clear label, or ingredient transparency, a growing number of consumers are reading food labels and asking about the ingredients inside. Names like gum arabic, xanthan gum, or locust bean gum may not be familiar to consumers who may then search for information online or in popular media; unfortunately, the information they fin...

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Video: Gum Arabic--Tree Saps & Plant Exudates

Learn more about our Gum Arabic products Videos in the Basics of Food Gums Series Introduction (video runtime 2:27) Gum Arabic: Tree Saps & Plant Exudates (this video) Guar Gum: Seed gums (video runtime 3:37) Carrageenan, Agar, & Alginate: Seaweed Extracts (video runtime 3:10) Konjac & Inulin: Root Gums (video runtime 3:07) Xanthan Gum & Gellan Gu...

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Looking for an agar replacement in icings and glazes?

We have a solution for you. The Gum Gurus® developed Ticaloid® DG 671, a donut glaze stabilizer designed to perform similarly to agar but at a lower usage-level, providing cost-in-use savings. The weight of the glaze on the donut was determined to be an important factor in glaze retention. The weight using Ticaloid® DG 671 was 0.74 ounces compared to the agar cont...

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Never Settle

Prevent Sedimentation in RTD Beverages with TIC Gums' Extended Portfolio Health and wellness trends continue to shape the beverage category as consumer demand drives growth for nutritionally fortified products. Subsequently, product developers are challenged with creating innovative, consumer-friendly beverages that maximize nutritional value without negatively impac...

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Video: Agglomerated Xanthan Offers Efficiency Solutions

    Download our case study comparing differences in initial hydration rates between various forms of xanthan gum in fat free Italian salad dressing. Transcript Since the beginning of commercial food production in the early twentieth century, the food processing industry has seen some amazing changes. Those early decades became a valuable foundation...

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