White Paper: Saladizer in DipsFat free dip: A sensory case study

The Texture Innovation Center® team at TIC Gums uses two stabilizer systems, Saladizer® FB-50 and Saladizer® Max, to create textural attributes associated with a full fat formulation in a fat free spicy honey mustard dip. Premiered at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) 2013 Expo in Chicago, attendees had the opportunity to sample this dip alongside sesame seed pretzel chips featuring Add-Here® CSA.

Saladizer® FB-50 

When reducing or eliminating fat in dressings, sauces, and dips, many stabilizer solutions address functional requirements, such as viscosity, but overlook the associated textural challenges. Saladizer® FB-50, a new technology from TIC Gums, builds viscosity without adding textural defects normally associated with single ingredient solutions. In the fat free spicy honey mustard dip, Saladizer® FB-50 has the additional benefit of mediating the perceived residual heat when compared to a fat free dip without stabilizer.

Saladizer® Max

To optimize the formulation without impacting viscosity, the Texture Innovation Team added Saladizer® Max, a patented technology from TIC Gums. In the fat free spicy honey mustard dip, Saladizer® Max creates a sensory experience closer to the full fat control for mouth clearing and dispersion. Saladizer® Max effortlessly disperses in solution and rapidly hydrates for ease of use due to TIC Gums’ proprietary agglomeration process.

Saladizer® FB-50 and Saladizer® Max also are effective in reduced fat and full fat dips, sauces, and dressings. In particular, Saladizer® Max, provides superior emulsification, reducing or eliminating separation throughout manufacturing and shipping in oil containing products.

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