Pretzel chip white paperProduct differentiation with cost in use savings for the snack food and bakery industries

TIC Gums has released a new patent-pending technology, Add-Here® CSA, for the snack food and bakery industries. Add-Here® CSA aids in particulate affixation, ingredient cost management, and sustainability practices.

When applying toppings, TIC Gums noted that manufacturers have realized particulate loss of up to 70% during processing. This loss is often considered normal and accepted. Developers then calculate for this, thus driving increased initial application rates during production. Moreover, the weaker bond formed during traditional manufacturing processes puts limitations on product developers for ingredients chosen.

Differentiate Products and Minimize Waste

As industry consolidation continues, the need for product differentiation is ever growing. To increase odds at commercial success and to increase market share, bakery and snack food industries are turning to new technologies like Add-Here® CSA. Add-Here® CSA helps streamline costs while enabling incorporation of trending and globally influenced flavors and materials. Product developers are increasingly using products of differentiation such as ancient grains, sprouted grains, and ethnic flavors, which while unique, can be of limited supply and higher in cost. Minimizing waste of these products through increased affixation and higher deposition rates are critical parameters for commercial success. Add-Here® CSA contains specially designed film forming capabilities that result in both increased bonding strength and initial affixation rates.

This technology offers manufacturers the flexibility to increase the diversity of their product portfolio and boost the level of product quality while positively impacting manufacturing costs. If a manufacturer would like to keep the same amount of seeds on the product while maximizing ingredient cost savings, Add-Here® CSA allows for this. However, if a manufacturer decides they would like an increase in product quality, they can balance the increase with their ingredient costs. Add-Here® CSA also gives product developers a tool for affixing seeds/flavor particulates that they previously would not consider.

Production Trial Results

Add-Here® CSA has been successfully evaluated in a series of test trials that were conducted to analyze seed retention. Pretzel chips were the product platform for the trials. The data showed sesame seed gains of more than 40% in comparison to using nothing alone. With Add-Here® CSA, bakery and snack food manufacturers are now able to reduce costs, boost visual quality, and increase product marketability.

At TIC Gums, the Texture Innovation Center® Team is always looking for ways to help differentiate your products through the use of hydrocolloids. Visit our Add-Here® CSA page to read more about the pretzel chip trials or order a sample of Add-Here® CSA. To speak with our technical team, call +1(800) 899-3953 or +1 (410) 273-7300. You can also chat live with our Gum Gurus® at

We look forward to keeping you informed on our latest technology for the food and beverage industries.


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