Instant Protein Beverage TextureThe instant protein beverage category continues to grow in market share, impacted by the proliferation of health and wellness trends in the food and beverage industries. With a broadening consumer base, product developers must find ways to maximize the nutritional value of their products without negatively impacting sensory attributes. This can be challenging in instant protein beverages due to the increased amount of perceivable particulates added when formulating with vitamin-mineral blends, protein, fiber, and other nutritional ingredients.

At SupplySide West in Las Vegas, Nevada, TIC Gums released a sensory white paper entitled “Technically Speaking: Targeting Texture for Instant Protein Beverages,” discussing the textural properties that can be managed when formulating with hydrocolloids. Attendees at SupplySide West were also able to taste the instant chocolate protein beverage formulated with Ticaloid® Ultrasmooth, a cold water soluble hydrocolloid system from TIC Gums.

Sensory Analysis

As detailed in the sensory white paper, instant chocolate protein beverages were developed by the Gum Gurus® and sent to an independent research facility for sensory analysis. To determine the impact of hydrocolloids on the finished beverage, three samples were formulated: a control sample that did not contain hydrocolloids, a sample made with xanthan gum, and a sample with Ticaloid® Ultrasmooth. The following sensory attributes were evaluated:

Texture Lexicon Protein Drink


Results indicated that the use of hydrocolloids is an effective way to manage texture in instant protein beverages. For product developers who desire an instant protein beverage without the associated grittiness that comes from the added particulates, Ticaloid® Ultrasmooth shows the greatest advantage of the three samples. For the complete analysis, download “Technically Speaking: Targeting Texture for Instant Protein Beverages.”


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