The newest video in our Application Solutions series looks at using gum systems to solve texture and stability issues in your bread formulations. Recommended stabilizers for bread

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Episode 02 – Breads


Gum Guru®: Steven Baker, food scientist

When dealing with baked goods, more specifically bread, hydrocolloids can help improve the texture, volume, and stability of these products.

We have several options available such as: Action Gum 8200, Ticaloid® 451T, and Ticaloid® Lite – each of which take advantage of the unique synergies found in our gum systems, depending on your needs.

In baked goods, adding gums increases the water-carrying capacity of dough, thereby improving its handling and machinability. The additional water also produces a softer, more tender crumb with improved shelf life; overall leading to a much more desirable end product.

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