Gum Systems Help Right the Wrongs of Gluten-Free Gripes

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Gluten-free is a growing trend sweeping across the food and beverage industry. From sandwich bread to breakfast muffins, manufacturers are formulating recipes to fulfill the growing demand for this segment.

Today, this diet has become part of a larger consumer movement, beyond those with celiac disease, and is impacting product developers who must reformulate gluten-containing products while minimally affecting the consumer's sensory experience.

Not a Simple Substitution

Gluten-free bread does not look nor perform in the same manner as conventional gluten-containing products. If a product developer simply replaces wheat flour with gluten-free flour the dough is often lacking in elasticity and pliability which prevents the dough from rising during the proofing process. Consequently, the finished product is dense with a low volume and rapidly breaks down in the mouth during consumption.

"Gluten is very unique in its functionality and does not have a one-to-one replacement. However, gums can provide some of the structure for which gluten is responsible, and that structure is what lends itself to a fluffy, moist product the end-consumer is ultimately looking for," said Steven Baker, food scientist at TIC Gums.

An optimally developed gluten network creates a fine veil or film of protein that not only entraps gases produced during the proofing or baking process, but also expands as the gases increase in size and number. This helps to create bread that is light and airy with very high volume and a soft crumb structure.

Gums are able to mimic this veil by forming a gel system, allowing the dough to retain gases and expand, which ultimately improves textural deficiencies.

New Gum Systems for Gluten Replacement

TIC Gums recently launched three new gum systems that capitalize on hydrocolloid synergies to further improve structure and texture beyond the more commonly used single-gum method. Ticaloid® GF 313, Ticaloid GF 345 and Ticaloid GF 377 are innovative blends for use in dough systems, such as bread, to batter systems, including pancakes and muffins. Click here for more information on Ticaloid® GF products

Through extensive research, sensory analysis and formulation development, TIC Gums has once again been on the forefront of innovation and fulfilling our customers' needs.