Bread doughThis is something we've been hearing a lot from our customers. We know that gluten-free bakery systems function differently than conventional gluten-containing products. When replacing wheat flour with gluten-free flour, dough often lacks elasticity and extensibility provided by wheat proteins. This leads to minimal rise during proofing as the dough is unable to expand with the production of gases from yeast or chemical leaveners. The end result is a product with lower volume and a denser crumb which rapidly breaks down in the mouth during consumption.

After extensive work in the lab, our Gum Gurus® have created systems of synergistic gums which allow gluten-free dough to expand and retain gases, thereby also improving textural challenges.

The results of our research where compiled into two Technically Speaking white papers that compare the effects of individual gums and combinations of gums in each formulation:

  • Effect of Hydrocolloid Systems in Gluten-Free Bread click here
  • Sensory Analysis of Hydrocolloids in Gluten-Free Cornbread click here

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