As if the process of formulating new foods isn’t already complicated enough, product developers are often tasked with creating those products in a way that meets special label requirements like natural, certified organic, and non-GMO.

Suddenly, the list of ingredients you can choose from looks a lot shorter.

Gums that meet certified organic standards

Customers frequently ask questions about hydrocolloids that meet these new and sometimes vaguely defined standards. Fortunately our Gum Gurus® are here to help. Often the recommendation is a product from our TICorganic® line of organic hydrocolloids and stabilizer systems.

The infographic below outlines just some of the applications of our TICorganic® certified organic hydrocolloids.

Certified organic gums

TICorganic® certified organic gums

  • Arabic Spray Dry*
  • Guar Gum 3500 F
  • Gum Arabic SF
  • Inulin Agave*
  • Locust Bean Gum

TICorganic® certified organic stabilizers

  • Aragum® SDF
  • Caragum® 200
  • Saladizer® 100
  • Stabilizer ICE-200

The products above are 100% organic. We also offer a full line of gums and stabilizers that are organic compliant. To determine the proper systems for your organic applications, call our Gum Gurus® at (800) 899-3953/+1 (410) 273-7300 or chat online.

TIC Gums has received organic certification by QAI, in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program (NOP).

*Commonly used as a source of dietary fiber


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