Empanadas are delicious fried dough pockets stuffed with meat, cheese, vegetables or fruit. When formulating empanadas available for the prepared foods section of your local grocery store, several challenges can arise.

Cracks in Frozen EmpanadaColombian-style empanadas are unique due to the masarepa-based dough as opposed to flour-based formulations. Masarepa, which is precooked cornmeal, poses additional challenges as it does not contain the gluten found in wheat flour. Without the functionality of gluten, the dough is fragile and more susceptible to tearing, puncturing and cracking during sheeting and freezing. When fried, an empanada with cracked dough will absorb excess oil and cause the filling to fall out.

Our R&D scientists have been hard at work developing a solution to eliminate these imperfections. They found that machinability and freeze stability improved with the addition of Ticaloid® Tortilla in conjunction with solid fat. This innovative gum system provides maximum flexibility, moisture control and product stability to commercially produced tortillas.

“By working side-by-side with our customers, we are able to identify their formulation challenges and provide a solution,” said Hillel Silverberg, Lab Technician with the TIC Gums’ R&D department.