Prevent Sedimentation in RTD Beverages with TIC Gums' Extended Portfolio

RTD Beverages: prevent sedimentationHealth and wellness trends continue to shape the beverage category as consumer demand drives growth for nutritionally fortified products. Subsequently, product developers are challenged with creating innovative, consumer-friendly beverages that maximize nutritional value without negatively impacting sensory attributes. While delivering nutritional benefits may be the primary goal, the selection and quantity of nutritional ingredients can result in less-than-desirable texture of the end product. Hydrocolloids can be utilized in nutritional beverages to achieve ideal texture and target stability while also providing a source of soluble fiber.

TIC Gums now has an expanded selection of stabilization solutions for fortified, ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages with the new Ticaloid® Pro series. These blends are used in UHT/HTST processed, RTD beverages. Designed to stabilize and suspend protein and other fortifying ingredients, Ticaloid® Pro 410 impacts the viscosity and heaviness of lower dairy-based protein beverages and creates a more indulgent drink. For dairy-based protein systems with increased suspension requirements, Ticaloid® Pro 432 allows product developers to achieve suspension and prevent sedimentation while minimally impacting the product's viscosity.

When formulating beverages, ingredient selection and usage levels require careful consideration. With an extensive hydrocolloid portfolio, a full pilot plant available for customer use and a wealth of knowledge from our Gum Gurus®, TIC Gums is able to provide custom texture and stability solutions to meet unique formulation and label declaration requirements.