We have a solution for you. The Gum Gurus® developed Ticaloid® DG 671, a donut glaze stabilizer designed to perform similarly to agar but at a lower usage-level, providing cost-in-use savings.

Donut glaze stabilizer comparisonThe weight of the glaze on the donut was determined to be an important factor in glaze retention. The weight using Ticaloid® DG 671 was 0.74 ounces compared to the agar control which weighed 0.70 ounces, demonstrating the functional equivalency of this new stabilizer system.

Water migration was also studied. The Gum Gurus® glazed donuts with both Ticaloid® DG 671 and the agar control and packaged them in cardboard boxes with plastic windows. Visual results were noted for a period of more than 72 hours. A similar rate of glaze breakdown was observed for the donuts glazed with Ticaloid® DG 671 and the donuts glazed with the agar control.

Finally, to ensure that the newly developed stabilizer would provide a consistent stream and flow through equipment, the glaze was tested using a waterfall-type application system. Visual observations demonstrated that Ticaloid® DG 671 had comparable flow and viscosity properties compared to agar.

Download the white paper to view details about materials and methods used in this study or call the Gum Gurus® at (800) 899-3953 to learn more about incorporating Ticaloid® DG 671 into your icing and glaze formulations. Chat online with a Gum Guru