Agar replacement for icings and glazes

Hydrocolloid systems work smarter, not harder

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Agar has long been the preferred stabilizer system for icings and glazes as it controls water migration and prevents surface chipping. However, due to agar's high cost and fluctuating availability, suitable replacements are regularly requested.

"Agar's primary country of harvest, Morocco, has imposed strict harvest volume limits and even more stringent exporting limitations for the harvested product. These restrictions, paired with adverse weather conditions, have led to a volatile supply lacking stability in price and availability," explains Mat O'Connor, director of global sourcing and procurement at TIC Gums.

To meet this demand for an agar substitute, the Gum Gurus® at TIC Gums' Texture Innovation Center® tested multiple combinations of hydrocolloids for viscosity, icing retention and water migration. From their research they successfully developed Ticaloid® DG 671, an innovative product that performs similarly to agar alone in icings and glazes with an added benefit of up to 21% cost-in-use savings.

To ensure its functional equivalency, the Gum Gurus® studied and compared Ticaloid® DG 671 to traditionally used agar in a donut glaze. At a 0.17% usage level based on powdered sugar weight, the glaze made with Ticaloid® DG 671 demonstrated comparable functionality to the glaze made with agar at 0.20% when tested for glaze retention and water migration. Ticaloid® DG 671 also showed an even waterfall when put through glazing equipment.

To view the full details of the study, including materials and methods used, download the latest Technically Speaking white paper, Ticaloid® DG 671: A Cost-Effective Stabilizer Alternative to Agar.

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