Jim Breckenridge, TIC Gums Technical Sales
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Due to the rapid water solubility of hydrocolloids, fish eyes often occur during production. Incorporated in fine powder form, the undispersed clumps of material are time consuming and difficult to remove. In addition, dusting poses safety concerns and clean up challenges.

When dissolving hydrocolloids in solution, smaller particles seem as if they would easily dissolve but, in reality, they tend to collide and form clumps. Conversely, larger particles will disperse without dusting but are incredibly difficult to get into solution and can cause a gritty texture in the finished product.

Agglomeration is the solution to this conundrum; it is the perfect combination of the dissolution properties of smaller particles and the dispersion properties of larger particles.

Agglomeration technology is available for many of our products and can be explored by contacting Jim or any of our other Gum Gurus® at chat with a Gum Guru.


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