Apple Pectin Replaces Citrus Pectin in Many Foods
An Apple a Day...

Commonly used as a setting agent for jams and jellies, pectin can also provide viscosity and gelation to bakery fillings and texture to beverage applications. Additionally, specially manufactured pectin stabilizes protein in acidified dairy beverage applications such as drinkable yogurt.

Due to several unforeseen environmental factors such as unfavorable weather conditions and tree infestations in the major growing regions, citrus pectin has recently experienced a major shortage. As citrus pectin has become increasingly scarce, its price continues to rise.

TIC Gums has released a new line of texture and stability solutions with six apple pectin products in the TIC Pretested® Apple Pectin Series. This line of apple pectin has been developed as a one-to-one replacement for citrus pectin in most applications. From a textural perspective, apple pectin tends to produce smooth, spreadable gels. Learn more by downloading prototype formulations

TIC Pretested® Apple Pectin includes slow set, rapid set, non-GMO and organic compliant options that are less expensive than citrus pectin and are readily available. Click here for a list of our pectin products

Each type of pectin has conditions that must be met in order for the functional benefits to be achieved. Contact the Gum Gurus® for expert advice on selecting the correct grade of apple pectin for your specific application.